Scenic Ridge Track Pack

To help modelers build Woodland Scenic’s Scenic Ridge Layout, we have come out with a complete package of required N scale track products in one convenient box.

Atlas’ Scenic Ridge Track Pack includes all of the Atlas track, switches, bridges and rail joiners needed to create the 3’ x 6’ Scenic Ridge Layout. Included in the original Woodland Scenic Kit are fully illustrated instructions that will guide you through building the layout, including laying down and ballasting Atlas track. The layout itself was designed by Woodland Scenics using Atlas’ Snap-Track.

Atlas’ Scenic Ridge Track Pack is now available!

Item # 2588






2501 5" Straight 33
2509A* 2 1/2" Straight 6
2509B* 1 1/4" Straight 12
2509C* 5/8" Straight 2
2510 9 3/4" Radius 14
2511 Half 9 3/4" Radius 2
2520 11" Radius 11
2521 Half 11" Radius 4
2526 19" Radius 4
2536 Bumper 1
2702 Std. Switch Left Man. 3
2546 Warren Truss Bridge 1
2539 Terminal Joiners 1

*Atlas Item #2509 is a Track Assortment. Products 2509A-C are not sold as separate items.

Graphic shown depicts general track arrangement of Scenic Ridge Layout.

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