Super-Flex Track FAQ

About Atlas Super-Flex® Track

Talk to anyone with an HO or N scale layout and chances are it includes some of Atlas' famous Super-Flex Track.

This fine track is our most popular product and is known worldwide for its versatility and, of course, flexibility. Stephen Shaffan, Jr., the founder of Atlas, patented the innovation, which remains unparalleled to this day.

What makes Atlas' Super-Flex Track so unique is that unlike many other curvable track, which tends to "kink" when flexed, Atlas' can be formed and re-formed until you arrive at the desired shape. Like all Atlas track, Atlas' Super-Flex is a high quality track made with injection-molded plastic and premium nickel silver rail.

Like thousands of others, we know you will enjoy using it. Available in HO Code 83 (simulated wood or concrete ties), HO Code 100, N Scale Code 80 and N Scale Code 55, it's fun and easy to use!

How To Use Super-Flex Track

Super-Flex Track has one stationary rail and one that slides, allowing it to bend easily. When bending the Flex Track into the desired shape, you must keep in mind that the sliding rail must always be on the inside of the curve (closest to the center of your layout plan).

Once you are sure the sliding rail is facing the right way, tack the track loosely (in case you need to move it later) to your tabletop, then clip the excess rail, making it even with the stationary rail.

Super Flex Track can be easily bent and shaped to form curves of any radius. It is ideal for realistic, spiral easement curves, and can be cut easily to any needed length with any saw, including the #400 Modeler's Super Saw.

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