Atlas Order/Ship Process

1) About 4-6 weeks prior to the manufacturing deadline, Atlas sends out ordering information to the distributors. We also post the information on our web site, and frequently send a direct e mail to people subscribed to our e-mail service.

2) During the last week of ordering, Atlas sends a reminder out to the distributors.

3) The last day or 2 before the deadline, phone calls are placed to distributors that have not placed their orders.

4) After the order deadline, the orders are compiled, additional units are added, and the order is given to our factory. Distributors that order after the deadline receive the units out of the additional quantity ordered until the point where there are no more left.

5) When the units arrive, the complete orders are shipped to distributors that have their accounts current. Distributors that are not current are contacted to allow them to make their accounts current. Sometimes a distributor will cut back or cancel their order if they cannot make their account current. If the distributor does not bring their account current in a reasonable time, the merchandise they ordered is then sold to other distributors. If a retailer cannot get the merchandise because the distributor they ordered from is not current, we will try to connect the retailer with the distributors that did get the merchandise.

If you are aware of a retailer that did not get the merchandise, please have them contact Dan Waggoner, our National Sales Representative.

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