Want to Get Started in DCC?
It's Easy with the Atlas Master DCC System.

No headaches. No hassles. Just simple prototypical train operation. Isn't that what you expect and deserve in a Digital Command Control (DCC) system?

DCC is for YOU if you want to:
Wire your layout simply and easily.
Operate your trains with increased reliability.
Expand your model railroad empire without much hassle.
Increase your control of your locomotives and accessories.

Sounds like what you are looking for?
GREAT! Read on to learn more about the Atlas Master DCC system, your answer to DCC.

Atlas Master DCC
A Complete System in 1-2-3!
1. Atlas Commander-For Control. Item #330, $169.95
Run your railroad like a real engineer with the Atlas Master Commander. It allows you to have complete control of speed and functions such as headlights, ditchlights and sound, of up to 99 decoder-equipped locomotives and 99 decoder-equipped accessories (i.e. turnouts). It supports up to six additional Commanders and/or HandCommands and three additional power stations (for added power). Now with consisting and control of 5 functions per decoder, the Atlas Commander is your answer to a multi-functional command station. To upgrade your Atlas Commander, please click here.

2. Atlas Master Generator-For Power. Item #335, $42.95
Power up with the Atlas Generator! The Generator I is a step-down transformer designed to power the Atlas Commander or other command station. It also makes a great power source for your turnouts and other AC accessories.

3. HO Dual-Mode® Decoder - For Operation. Item# 341, $25.95 or #342, $31.95
Atlas offers a patented HO scale Dual-Mode® Decoder which allows you to easily switch your locomotive from analog (standard DC power) to digital mode and back again without the typical speed differential. These 2-Function or 4-Function decoders can be easily installed into almost all Atlas locomotives produced over the last 15 years, as well as most other locomotives with a motor-mounted light board. With the ability to control lights, operations mode programming, speed steps and much more, these decoders are affordable, so you can make your entire fleet DCC ready! (Decoder-equipped locomotives and accessories can be controlled with the Atlas Commander.)

Expand Your Atlas Master DCC System With Accessories!
Atlas Master HandCommand™. Item #331, $144.95
Adding complete walk-around capability to the Atlas Commander, or any other system that supports XpressNet technology, the HandCommand is packaged with the Universal Panel Connector (Item #322), a 7' cable wire and a 6' coiled cord for simple DCC fun at your fingertips. It can control up to 5 functions per decoder and up to 99 locomotives or 99 accessories. It also supports MU consist setup functionality.
(Note: The HandCommand requires a Commander or other Command station; it cannot function independently.)

Atlas Master Turnout Control Unit (TCU). Item #344, $49.95
Designed specifically for use with the Atlas Master DCC Commander and the Atlas twin-coil snap switch motors, this new decoder will have you throwing remote switches easier than ever before. One TCU has six outputs, and each of these outputs can be used to control either multiple twin-coil or multiple slow-motion switch machines. Take command of your layout with the Atlas Turnout Control Unit.

Atlas Master Universal Panel Connector (UPC). Item #322
This high quality UPC has an LED track status indicator; two DIN jacks and one modular jack that will allow you to connect up to three HandCommands, Salve Commanders, or other XpressNet devices. When sold separately, the UPC comes with a 15' cable wire.

15' Cable Wire. Item #343
This great cable wire is used to connect the Atlas Commander or other command station or other UPC.

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