All Atlas Products Are Built to Order and Built to Last!

Built to Order:
What does this mean?
This simply means that unlike the business practices of old, Atlas builds products based on a specific number of orders received from our distributors. This number, in turn, is based on the amount of orders that they require to fulfill those given to them by Atlas Dealers. Thus, although our products are mass manufactured, a very set amount of product is created and filtered out to retail outlets and the Atlas Online store.

Why is this done?
In a hobby like model railroading, there is a limited demand for each run of a model. By mass producing a model blindly, there would be greater chance of glutting the market with a release of a model, resulting in unsold inventory for distributors and dealers alike. With the Built To Order system (BTO), dealers and distributors alike are assured their product is going to move into the hands of those who want it, creating greater financial security for them which results in the longevity of the hobby.

Does this mean your models are limited editions?
Absolutely not. Limited edition implies that the number of a product produced is set regardless of demand. With the BTO system, the number produced is based on the demand. In other words, if you want it, we’ll make it. In addition, models may be reproduced on occasion with New Road Numbers or even the original ones if demand warrants, giving you a multiple chances to pick up the model you might have missed the first time around.

How can I be assured of getting my model?
It’s easier than you might think. At the beginning of each month, Atlas announces products it will be producing, slated to hit several months later. Within this month of announcement, there is a guaranteed order deadline (typically the last days of the month) for consumers, dealers and distributors to order quantities of said models. By having your dealer place his order with us or ordering directly from Atlas during this time period, you have guaranteed yourself a model in this run and it will be added to our order to the factory.

What if I miss the order deadline?
Not to fear. If you miss the order deadline, contact your dealer or Atlas anyway. There’s a good chance that you can still receive your model. We typically order a few more of each model just in case this happens, so a modeler like yourself who missed the deadline doesn’t miss out on a great Atlas model.

Built to Last:
What does this mean?
It means simply that we try to give you the most durable and reliable product we can. Just in case, we offer a limited warranty on our products and have a repair staff fully-qualified to help you get the most from your Atlas model.

What’s your repair policy?
Glad you asked.
Atlas Model Railroad Company Locomotive Repair Policy-Consumer
1. Atlas provides a limited manufacturers warranty for 90 days after purchase on all factory defects.
2. Atlas locomotive produced over ten years ago are not warranted by Atlas, regardless of date of purchase. In general, as of 1/03 any locomotive made in Japan is not warranted.
3. All warranty repairs must include a dated receipt of purchase.
4. All chargeable repairs will receive a postcard quote prior to the start of repair.
5. It is recommended that all locomotive repairs be sent insured, either via UPS or US Mail, return receipt requested. All incoming freight charges are the responsibility of the consumer
6. Any repairs sent back to the consumer from Atlas is the shipping responsibility of Atlas.
7. If product under warranty cannot be repaired by Atlas, Atlas may send a like value locomotive in exchange.
8. Any locomotive determined by Atlas to be damaged, dropped or abused in any way will not be considered warrantable.
9. Atlas is not responsible for damage caused to, or by, any external or internal customized locomotive, including but not limited to add on parts, speakers, wiring and DCC decoders.

My (insert part name here) broke. Do you have a spare?
Yes. With each run of a model, we order repair parts as well, ensuring that the most common breakable parts are available for purchase through our online store and by phone.

Built to Run:
What does this mean?
It’s simple. All Atlas products are ready-to-run right out of the box, from freight cars to locomotives. That means all you have to do is take them out and put them on the tracks. For the locomotives, some handrails and details may have to be applied as they are packaged separately so that they won’t break during transit. These in no way affect the running of your Atlas product, though adding them will recreate prototypical detail more exactly.

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