Keep your models rolling around in style with new N scale trucks. These metal wheels run smooth and give your models a realistick look that will have you wanting to convert your entire fleet to them.

If that isn't enough to keep your layout running like clockwork, try the new Atlas Track Eraser. This wonderful new product cleans your track of dirt and dust that has built up through regular operation. It's easy to use--just rub it along the track that is giving you issues and see the results for yourself.

Estimated Delivery:
3rd Quarter 2017
Item# Description MSRP
N BLMA Trucks
BLMA9005 N 100 Ton Roller Bearing Wheels with Metal Wheels $7.95
BLMA9025 N 70 Ton Roller Bearing Wheels with Metal Wheels $7.95
BLMA9045 N 70 Ton Friction Bearing Wheels with Metal Wheels $7.95
N Track Eraser
0402 Atlas Track Eraser $4.95

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