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In 2006, answering increased demand by discriminating modelers, Atlas is introducing its N Scale Signal Systems, offered in three versions, each complete with a signal relay shed for static display. The signals will be offered as a single target, double target, bi-directional targets and single targets in a four pack. The Atlas Model RR Signal System features true scale dimensions and details, and includes circuitry for North American prototype operation. These signals can be used as a stand-alone accessory, or connected to one another for complete dynamic integration. They are the perfect compliment to Atlas’ incredibly realistic and extremely reliable N Scale Track Systems.

Click here to see video of the signals in action!

Estimated Delivery:
November 2006


  • Simplest, most realistic system on the market (Does not require external relays!)
  • Easy set-up
  • Scale signal structures that have true scale dimensions and details
  • Prototype operation circuitry
  • Modular design with telephone-style cord connections (for use with multiple signals, sold separately)
  • Seamless integration that grows with your railroad
  • Designed to be fully compatible with the products offered by Custom Signals, Inc. (

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do you need to get started?
A. The number of signals and detector boards you use depends on the size and complexity of your layout. The easiest way to get started is to use the all-in-one pack Type G Single Target Kit, #236 (HO Scale) #2236 (N Scale). More information is available in the manual that comes with the signals.

Q. What does the signal control board (SCB) and the block detector board (BDB) do?
A. The signal control board and block detector board comprise the electronic “brain” of the system. The block detector senses current flow in the block. Installed under the table or mounted under your layout, the control and detector boards are capable of four broad modes of operating options. They control the input from the block detector board and output to the signal target head.

Q. How does the stand-alone signal operation work?
A. The Red and Green are controlled by occupancy. The Yellow is the controlled timed feature in this mode of operation.

Q. Where do I install the signal?
A. The signal is normally placed at the entrance to a block. (A block is any section of track that is electrically isolated from the rest of the layout.)

Q. How do I add integrated signal operation?
A. To add integrated signal operation of two or more signals, plug in the modular Atlas Signal Cable - Item #s 230 (7’), 231 (15’) & 232, (25’), in the length that is appropriate to your block size. Next, plug the cable into a jack, (RJ-11), on the first signal board and into the jack, (RJ11), on the other signal board. Jack 3, (RJ12), is where the signal plugs in.

Q. How does the integrated signal operation work?
A. Installation of the Integrated Signal Cable automatically disengages the timed Yellow feature of the stand-alone signal. All aspects are now under full control of the blocks and signals in front of and behind your train. (See manual for details.)

NOTE: For complete, detailed wiring and installation instructions and helpful diagrams, please see the manual that comes with the product, or download it here.

Helpful documents: (in pdf format) (Right-click to download)
Atlas Support Section
Atlas Model RR Signal System brochure (Color)
Atlas Model RR Signal System brochure (B&W)
Signal light wiring diagram
Signal System Wiring
2-Rail approach mode diagram

N Atlas Model RR Signal System! – NEW!
230 7’ Signal Cable $3.95 -
231 15’ Signal Cable $7.25 -
232 25’ Signal Cable $10.95 -
233 Analog Block Detector $12.95 -
N Atlas Model RR Signal System! – NEW!
2234 N Signal Control Board $19.95 -
2235 N Type “G” Single Target $29.95 A
2236 N Type “G” Single Target (w/PCB) $49.95 B
2237 N Type “G” Single Target (4-Pack) $99.95 C
2238 N Type “G” Double Target $39.95 A
2239 N Type “G” Bi-Directional Single Targets $39.95 A
Packing Style Notes:
A - Includes the signal, jumper wire (signal plug to RJ-11 jack), and signal bungalow.
B - Includes the signal, jumper wire, signal bungalow, signal control PCB and 2-rail (analog) block detector.
C - Includes 4 pieces each of the signal, jumper wire, signal bungalow.

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