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The through plate girder bridge is based on the prototype that sported construction of a bridge deck supported between two plate girders. This type of construction gives it the easily identifiable 'U'-shape. The construction depth on this type of bridge was much less than on other bridges, providing a minimal change of height while clearing terrain. It was a common sight on railroads.

Estimated Delivery:
1st Quarter 2017


  • Girder measures 8”L
  • Track piece measures 9”L
  • Highly detailed
  • Prototypical bridge track
  • Easy assembly
Item# Description MSRP
HO Code 100 Through Plate Girder Bridge Kit
0880 Single Track Kit $14.95
0881 Double Track Kit $19.95
0882 Single Track Add-On Kit $10.95
HO Code 83 Through Plate Girder Bridge Kit
70000027 Single Track Kit $14.95
70000028 Double Track Kit $19.95
70000029 Single Track Add-On Kit $10.95

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