New Track Piece!


Ideal for mainline use or for layouts that utilize longer rolling stock, these new Code 100 #8 turnouts continue Atlas' longstanding tradition of reliable performance. These precisely engineered turnouts feature die-cast points, a die-cast frog that can be powered, nickel-silver rail and black ties. Standard Atlas switch machines (#52 & #53 Remote Left & Right or #62 & #63 Manual Left and Right) can be easily added using the snap-in connection. Under table switch machines #65 & #66 can also be used if desired.
Estimated Delivery:
January 2008


  • Turnout length 13 1/2"
Item# Description
Atlas HO Code 100 #8 Mark IV Turnout - New Track Piece!
285 Left-Hand Turnout
286 Right-Hand Turnout

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