Dear Atlas California Zephyr Customers,

I realize it’s been some time since we’ve communicated with you about what’s going on with the California Zephyr set and I apologize for that. The lack of communication was mostly due to events beyond our control taking place overseas. I felt it best to resolve our difficulties before moving forward. I’m delighted to report the challenges have been met and Atlas is moving ahead with the production of the remaining cars of California Zephyr set.

The next two cars for the Zephyr will be the 16 section sleeper and diner car. This is a slight change from our original plan whereby the conductor dome car was going to be part of this announcement. We felt that enough domes have already been produced and we wanted to add a car that would make your Zephyr set more distinctive and complete. This is why at this time we’re substituting the diner in place of the conductors dome. The conductors dome will be offered later in the set schedule. We’ve posted advanced artwork of the next two cars on this page for your review and order placement through your favorite Atlas retailer.

The next item we’d like to address is the upgrade to the window blinds being on the inside of the cars versus the first two production cars which had them on the outside. When we initially tooled up the first two cars we looked at other offerings in the marketplace and decided the blinds would make a more dynamic appearance by placing them on the outside of the windows. Initially, most did not notice this, but after increasing consumer requests and an internal review by Rob Pisani V.P. of Product Development, key Atlas personnel and I, we decided that the remaining cars should have the blinds appear on the inside. This turned into a time consuming and technical process to come up with the right look, but we think and trust you’ll agree that the results are outstanding with photographs being posted soon. We promised early on that we would come up with a procedure for elective replacement. That procedure is in place now, and will be implemented starting Monday, April 8, which we’ll honor through December 31st of 2013. Here’s how it will work:

Atlas is committed to the completion of the California Zephyr train and we’ll have additional important announcements shortly that will be communicated through our retailers and here on our website, so stick with us as it’s going to be an exciting year, especially for Zephyr owners.

Thank you for your patience and continued support,

Jerry Kimble, Sales
Atlas Model Railroad Company

Two photographs of an Atlas 10/6 Sleeper Amtrak edition of the California Zephyr with the new Window Blind Treatment


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