Dear Atlas California Zephyr Customers,

It has been discovered that a small number of Denver & Rio Grande CZ cars have incorrect Road Name Placards located over all 4 doors.

After doing an inspection we have determined the following item #’s to be affected:

Denver & Rio Grande Silver Bronco
3001152-1 (3-Rail)
3002152-1 (2-Rail)

If you have either of the items listed above with placards reading “CB&Q” please contact Atlas for replacement signs free of charge.

We expect to receive replacement parts no later than the end of July.

Replacing the sign is a simple process which can be accomplished by anyone.

Anyone having difficulty with the replacement process can contact the Atlas service department for further information.
Atlas O Service Technician Bill Serratelli: 908-687-0880 ext. 7132 or


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