New Road Names!


The earliest versions of the 2-6-0 Mogul steam locomotives were built in 1863 by the Rogers Locomotive Works in Paterson, NJ. The design was an improvement on the then standard 4-4-0 wheel arrangement. In theory, the 2-6-0s extra set of driving wheels offered a 50% increase in tractive effort over the older design. It is estimated that well over 11,000 Mogul-type locos were built for the next 50-plus years. Like the 4-4-0 American-type locomotive that it was designed to replace, the 2-6-0 was a general-purpose steam locomotive that was found in both freight and passenger service.
Estimated Delivery:
November 2004


  • Colorful 1880s era paint schemes
  • Smooth-running motor
  • Operating headlight
  • Separately-applied bell and handrails
  • Factory-equipped with Rapido couplers (only) 
N 2-6-0 MOGUL LOCOMOTIVE - New Road Names!
41605 Pennsylvania (Black/Gold/Red/Russian Iron) 732
41606 Porter ("Stock" Paint Scheme w/Striping Only)
(Dark Green/Gold/Russian Iron)
41607 Santa Fe (Black/Gold/Red/Russian Iron) 125
N 2-6-0 MOGUL LOCOMOTIVE - Back by Popular Demand!
41600 UNDECORATED (Black)  
41601 New York, Lake Erie & Western (Black/Gold/Red/"Russian Iron" 141
41602 New York & New England (Black/Gold/Red/"Russian Iron") 42
41603 Rio Grande (Black/Gold/Red/White/ "Russian Iron") 3
41604 Virginia & Truckee (Black/Gold/Maroon) 20

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