New Paint Schemes & Road Numbers!

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Propane or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is both a naturally occurring product and a by-product of the refining process. During the 1940s, the petroleum industry began marketing LPG as a cleaner and more efficient fuel than the existing coal and oil. Transporting LPG requires specially designed high-pressure tank cars. During the early 40s the only ACF tank car that qualified was the 10,500 gallon high-pressure tank car. After the war, ACF set out to design a whole new car for the emerging industry. As a result the 11,000 gallon tank car was introduced by ACF in 1947. Many thousands were built up through the mid-1950s.

The Atlas model faithfully reproduces this late steam/early diesel era tank car in two versions (with and without platform rails). The cars with top platform rails were used where there was no elevated loading/unloading facility. The cars without the top platform rails were often specified for customers that had access to elevated loading and unloading facilities.

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Standard MSRP:
Undecorated MSRP: $23.95
Estimated Delivery:
3rd Quarter 2016


  • Finely molded handrails
  • Tank fittings and safety placards
  • 50-ton friction-bearing trucks with AccuMate® couplers
  • Accurate painting and lettering
  • Platform where appropriate
AccuMate® couplers are made under license from AccuRail, Inc.
Item# Road Name Road Number
N 11,000 Gallon Tank Car w/o Platform
50 001 566 Undecorated without platform -
New Paint Schemes!
50 002 634 Gas-Oil Products (Gray/Red/Black) 201
50 002 635 Gas-Oil Products (Gray/Red/Black) 202
50 002 636 Propane Gas Service (PGSX) (Black/White) 101
50 002 637 Propane Gas Service (PGSX) (Black/White) 103
N 11,000 Gallon Tank Car w/ Platform - New Road Numbers!
50 001 572 Undecorated with platform -
50 002 638 Union Tank Car (UTLX) (Black/Yellow) 96264
50 002 639 Union Tank Car (UTLX) (Black/Yellow) 96270
New Paint Schemes!
50 002 640 Gem Automatic Gas Co. (Black/White) 202
50 002 641 Gem Automatic Gas Co. (Black/White) 207
50 002 642 Jefferson Chemical* (Silver/Blue/Black) 32248
50 002 643 Jefferson Chemical* (Silver/Blue/Black) 32255
50 002 644 Pyrofax Gas (Black/White) 2511
50 002 645 Pyrofax Gas (Black/White) 2514
50 002 646 Superior Propane* (Yellow/Red/Black) 55172
50 002 647 Superior Propane* (Yellow/Red/Black) 55177

* Paint scheme is accurate for 11,000 gallon tank cars built by a manufacturer other than ACF

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