Estimated Delivery:
1st Quarter 2016

One of the most highly-requested pieces of track is about to make its way to the market in the form of the Atlas Code 83 Curve Turnout. This turnout features nickel silver rail and fine, brown plastic ties like the rest of our Code 83 lineup.

As a Customline® Mark IV turnout, each can be set up as a remote or manual switch depending on which switch machine is added by the modeler. Each turnout will have die-cast points and an isolated, die-cast frog with a power contact to optionally energize the frog and prevent loss of power when a locomotive is passing through.

The outside radius of the turnout is listed at 30”; the inside radius is 22”.

Item# Description MSRP
HO Code 83 Curved Turnouts

HO Code 83 Customline® CurvedTurnout - Left

596 HO Code 83 Customline® Curved Turnout - Right $24.95