The Atlas All-Scales Catalog

Atlas will not be producing a six-month catalog for the period of July-December 2017.  After much consideration and debate, Atlas has decided to transition solely to a printed and electronic monthly catalog format in order to best keep our Distributor & Dealer network--as well as our customers—informed about the latest announcements and arrivals of Atlas products. 

This change is in part due to the time constraints of catalog production coupled with a rigorous manufacturing schedule.  This often forced us to omit certain information from the six-month catalog, such as pricing or new models/features that would help to sell the product.  Our new model will allow us to work up to the last minute to obtain this information and disseminate it to our valued customers. 





To get your copy of the also available Atlas All-Scales Track & Accessory Catalog, see your dealer or please send your name, address and $2 ($4 outside the US) to:

378 Florence Avenue
Hillside, NJ 07205 USA

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