New Paint Schemes & Road Numbers!


Built by the American Locomotive Company (Alco) the low-hood S-2 was introduced in 1940 to replace Alco’s earlier high-hood switchers. The 1000 horsepower S-2 was a turbocharged version of the S-1. There were 1,502 S-2’s sold to North American Railroads.

Alco introduced the S-4 in 1950. The S-4 like the earlier S-2 was a 1000 horsepower switcher. Some 636 S-4’s were built for North American railroads.

The primary quick spotting difference between the S-1/S-2 and the S-3/S-4 can be seen in the trucks. The S-1/S-2 has Blunt trucks, while the S-3/S-4 has AAR-style trucks.

The versatility of the S-2’s and S-4’s were evidenced by their service in mainline railroads, shortlines, and industrials.

Atlas' version is back in service with handsome new paint schemes for modeler enjoyment.

Estimated Delivery:
August 2006


  • 5-pole skewed armature motor for reliable operation
  • Dual-flywheels for maximum performance at all speeds
  • Factory-equipped with AccuMate® knuckle couplers
  • Exceptional painting and printing
  • Sturdy die-cast mainframe and gear cases
AccuMate® couplers are made under license from AccuRail, Inc.
HO S-2 Locomotives
8700 Undecorated -
HO S-2 Locomotives - New Road Numbers!
8739 Baltimore & Ohio* (Blue/Yellow) 9074
8740 Baltimore & Ohio* (Blue/Yellow) 9077
HO S-2 Locomotives - New Paint Schemes!
8738 Bay Colony (Silver/Yellow/Orange/Black) 1052
8741 Staten Island (Blue/Yellow) 482
8742 Delaware & Hudson (Black/Yellow) 3021
8743 Delaware & Hudson (Black/Yellow) 3023
8744 Rio Grande† (Black/Imitation Gold) 105
8745 Rio Grande† (Black/Imitation Gold) 119
8746 Union Pacific† (Black/Yellow w/Red Logo) 1036
8747 Union Pacific† (Black/Yellow w/Red Logo) 1038
HO S-4 Locomotives
8750 Undecorated -
HO S-4 Locomotives - New Paint Schemes!
8763 Bay Colony (Silver/Yellow/Orange/Black) 1061
8764 Norfolk & Western (Blue/Yellow) 2072
8765 Norfolk & Western (Blue/Yellow) 2077
8766 Western Maryland* (Black/Yellow) 145
8767 Western Maryland* (Black/Yellow) 146
HO S-1 Locomotives
8800 Undecorated -
HO S-1 Locomotives - New Paint Schemes!
8815 Chicago Great Western (Maroon/Black) 12
8816 Chicago Great Western (Maroon/Black) 15
8817 Long Island (Gray/Orange) 415
8818 Long Island (Gray/Orange) 420
8819 US Air Force (Blue/Black/Yellow) 7277
8820 US Air Force (Blue/Black/Yellow) 7370
8821 US Army (Black/Yellow) 7135
8822 US Army (Black/Yellow) 7371
*CSX Licensed Product †Union Pacific Licensed Product

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