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Between 1931 and 1940 ALCO built 177 high hood (HH) switching locomotives of various horsepower ratings and body styles. The “HH” models were forerunners to the popular S-series of switchers which featured lower hoods. ALCO’s high hood switchers were in production long before similar models from competitors EMC/EMD (1935) and Baldwin (1937). Interestingly, the “HH” model designation is a term coined by rail historians to describe what ALCO documentation had simply referred to as 600-hp or 660-hp switchers. In later years ALCO had referred to these early units as “high hood switchers” so this designation is appropriate.

Of the 177 high hood switchers built, 104 were HH600s, 18 were HH660s, 21 were HH900s and 34 were HH1000s. Some of the largest users of these models included New Haven, Lackawanna and New York Central. Various physical changes occurred during the 9 years these locomotives were in production. The biggest change occurred in 1934 when ALCO hired industrial designer Otto Kuhler to improve the appearance of their very boxy, utilitarian switchers. The post-1937 production units we are now offering featured many of his suggested improvements.

In 1938 ALCO introduced a line of high hood switchers powered by the new model 538 diesel engine which featured a cast iron engine block. This engine was offered in both a 660-hp (non-turbocharged 538) and 1000-hp (turbocharged 538-T) switcher, each weighing approximately 196,000 pounds. The horsepower rating could be adjusted downward slightly per customer specification by lowering the RPM of the diesel engine. Therefore, 600-hp and 900-hp models were offered concurrently. The HH600 and HH660 locomotive models we are offering were produced from 1938 to 1940 and were externally identical.

Estimated Delivery:
December 2008


  • All new tooling
  • Early Blunt truck with separate brake cylinders, molded coil spring detail (optional) and metal truck chains
  • Separately-applied metal grab irons and lift rings
  • Separately-applied fine scale handrails and stanchions, coupler cut lever and piping
  • Directional lighting with golden-white LEDs
  • Five-pole skewed armature motor with dual flywheels for optimum performance at all speeds
  • QSI sound-equipped version coming soon

Atlas Master™ Series Silver Additional Features:

  • NMRA 8-pin plug for DCC (Decoder-ready)
AccuMate® couplers are made under license from AccuRail, Inc.
Item# Road Name Road Number
HO H600 Locomotive - New Model!
Atlas Master Series Silver - (Without Decoder and Sound) [DCC Ready]
10 000 421 Undecorated -
10 000 422 Elgin Joliet & Eastern (Black/White) 210
10 000 423 Elgin Joliet & Eastern (Black/White) 212
HO H660 Locomotive - New Model!
Atlas Master Series Silver - (Without Decoder and Sound) [DCC Ready]
10 000 424 Erie (Black/Yellow)  303
10 000 425 Erie (Black/Yellow)  304
10 000 426 New Haven (Green/Orange) (Full Balloon) 0923
10 000 427 New Haven (Green/Orange) (Full Balloon) 0930
10 000 428 Maine Central (Black w/Red & White Stripes) 951
10 000 429 Maine Central (Black w/Red & White Stripes) 952
10 000 430 Milwaukee Road (Black/White) 1602
10 000 431 Milwaukee Road (Black/White) 1603
10 000 432 Southern Pacific (Black/Orange Stripes) 1002
10 000 433
Southern Pacific (Black/Orange Stripes) 1003
Products bearing Southern Pacific marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.

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