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Built by Fairbanks Morse in the late 1940's through the 1950's, the H-15-44 and H16-44 Locomotives were used for commuter service and road freight service throughout the country.
Estimated Delivery:
July 2004


  • Bi-directional red and green LED marker lamps that work in DCC and analog mode
  • Realistic die-cast underframe
  • Five-pole skewed armature motor with dual flywheels for optimum performance at all speeds
  • Directional lighting
  • Factory-equipped with AccuMate knuckle couplers
  • Painted crew figures
  • Separately-installed scale windshield wipers and fine scale handrails
  • Piping on trucks
  • Separately-applied coupler cut levers and trainline hoses
  • Separately-applied fuel tank skirt as appropriate by railroad
  • Etched metal radiator grilles
  • AAR-B or FM-style truck sideframes as appropriate by railroad
  • 4-Function HO Dual-Mode® Decoder
AccuMate® couplers are made under license from AccuRail, Inc.
H15-44 Locomotives-Early Body & Cab w/Body Mounted Handrails
9500 Undecorated (H15/16-44)  
9539 Akron Canton & Youngstown (Yellow/Black/Silver) 200
9540 Jersey Central "Stripes" (Green/Yellow) 1506
9541 Jersey Central "Stripes" (Green/Yellow) 1510
9542 Jersey Central "Stripes" (Green/Yellow) No #
9543 MKT (Red/Yellow/Gray) 1591
9544 Monon (Black/Gold) 45
9545 Monon (Black/Gold) 46
HO H16-44 Locomotives-Early Body/Square Window Cab w/Sill Mounted Handrails
9518 Undecorated (H15/16-44)  
9546 Long Island (Gray/Orange) 1504
9547 Long Island (Gray/Orange) 1508
9548 Long Island (Gray/Orange) No #
9549 MKT (Red/Yellow/Gray) 1733
9550 MKT (Red/Yellow/Gray) No #
9551 New Haven (Black/Orange) 591
9552 New Haven (Black/Orange) 598
9553 New Haven (Black/Orange) No #
9554 Santa Fe (Blue/Yellow) 3007
9555 Santa Fe (Blue/Yellow) 3011
9556 Santa Fe (Blue/Yellow) No #
HO H16-44 Locomotives-Late Body/Square Window Cab w/Body & Sill Mounted Handrails
9557 Erie-Lackawanna (Black/Yellow) 1932
9558 Erie-Lackawanna (Black/Yellow) 1935
9559 Erie-Lackawanna (Black/Yellow) No #

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