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Nothing is worse than running your trains on rails that are grimy from dust, dirt and grit. It's important to keep your track clean to maximize the performance of your locomotive fleet.

Each item includes one track cleaning car which enables the following functions: vacuum-cleaning (one insert), polishing (three inserts) and grinding (three inserts). It also includes a tool for changing the inserts, so different functions can be chosen, along with a foam wiper and a multi-lingual manual. The HO Scale Track Cleaning Car will be available with an 8-pin DCC plug, NEM coupler pockets, standard HO knuckle couplers, a switch for functions and it will be equipped with a motor which powers the cleaning functions (only).

Note: The track cleaning car is not self-propelled. A locomotive is needed to move this car. It is also possible to use cleaning liquid while polishing. The liquid is dispersed from the tank integrated in the car. Track cleaner and replacement pads are available from the Atlas Online store.

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Item# Road Name
HO Track Cleaning Car
20 000 373 Yellow w/ Atlas Logo
20 000 374
MOW Gray
20 000 375 MOW Orange
20 000 376 MOW Yellow

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