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Blueprint Series passenger car kits feature prototypical paint schemes, accurate details and easy construction.

– Scale window glass and full interiors.
– Roof with appropriate vents and air conditioning ducts.
– Correct body details such as belt rails and rivet patterns.
– Full end details including coupler cut levers; air, steam and signal
lines and scale operating diaphragms.
– Correct air condition system [Ice Activated, Pullman (mechanical
or mechanical brine), or Steam Ejector]
– Full undercarriage details including brake piping and rigging,
generators, air tanks and steam traps.

Item# Description MSRP
HO 8-1-2 Pullman Sleeper Kit

The 8 section - 1 drawing room - 2 compartment sleeper was one of Pullman's most popular designs. In 1937 there were 243 cars built to plans 3979a alone. Nearly half of these cars were used in Pullman pool service nation wide, the rest were assigned to, and painted for, various railroads nationwide. These models feature correct air-conditioning parts and full lettering inclding car names.

B5000 Undecorated $39.95
B5008 New York Central "Fawcett Gap" $39.95
B5010 Atlantic Coast Line "Cameron Pass" $39.95
B5011 Atlantic Coast Line "Algonquin Park" $39.95
B5012 Atlantic Coast Line "Ausable Pass" $39.95
B5017 Southern Pacific "Rock Bay" $39.95
B5018 Southern Pacific "De Wolf" $39.95
B5019 Southern Pacific "Des Plaines" $39.95
B5022 Pennsylvania "Centhill" $39.95
B5027 Louisville & Nashville "Rock Haven" $39.95
B5028 Louisville & Nashville "Kings Crown" $39.95
B5029 Louisville & Nashville "Henry M. Rice" $39.95
B5030 Chesapeake & Ohio "Potomac" $39.95
B5031 Chesapeake & Ohio "Mount Vernon" $39.95
B5032 Chesapeake & Ohio "First Citizen" $39.95
B5033 Wabash "Riverdale Park" $39.95
B5034 Wabash "Rock Pass" $39.95
B5035 Wabash "Centstar" $39.95
B5036 Soo "Centburne" $39.95
B5037 Soo "Centsalva" $39.95
B5041 Milwaukee "Okoboji" $39.95
B5042 Milwaukee "Michigamme" $39.95
B5043 Illinois Central "John McLoughlin" $39.95
B5044 Illinois Central "Centessa" $39.95
B5099 Unlettered (Green) $39.95
HO 80' Single Window Coach Kit

The coach was the backbone of the American passenger car fleet. These cars were used on long and short haul trains, through trains and commuter runs alike. The prototype for our model was built by Pullman, ACF, Standard Steel and others for the New York Central System. Cars of essentially the same design were built for many other railroads coast to coast, and they served many years in a wide variety of services.

B5102 Southern $39.95
B5104 Pere Marquette $39.95
B5112 Gulf Mobile & Ohio $39.95
B5113 Pittsburgh & Lake Erie $39.95
B51133 Pittsburgh & Lake Erie 3-Pack $119.85
B5114 New York Central (CCC&STL) $39.95
B51143 New York Central (CCC&STL) 3-Pack $119.85
B5116 Louisville & Nashville (Green) $39.95
B51163 Louisville & Nashville (Green) 3-Pack $119.85
B5117 New Haven - McGinnes $39.95
B5124 Erie Lackawanna $39.95
B51243 Erie Lackawanna 3-Pack $119.85
B5125 Seaboard $39.95
B51253 Seaboard 3-Pack $119.85
B5126 Delaware & Hudson $39.95
B51263 Delaware & Hudson 3-Pack $119.85
HO 10-1-2 Pullman Sleeper Kit

The 10 section - 1 drawing room - 2 compartment design was one of Pullman's 3 most popular sleeping car configurations with over 260 cars built to plan 3585 and its derivatives. After the 1948 break up of Pullman many of them were sold to various railroads nationwide, where they continued into service into the 1960's. These models feature correct air-conditioning parts and accurate paint, lettering and names.

B5200 Undecorated $39.95
B5202 Pullman (G) "Lake Vineyard" $39.95
B5204 Southern "Lake Williams" $39.95
B5205 Southern "Lake Harriet" $39.95
B5206 Southern "Lake Pearl" $39.95
B5210 Missouri Pacific (Eagle) "Lake Fortuna" $39.95
B5211 Missouri Pacific (Eagle) "Lake Woodruff" $39.95
B5212 Missouri Pacific (Eagle) "Lake Okeechobee" $39.95
B5213 Union Pacific "Lake James" $39.95
B5214 Union Pacific "Lake Champlain" $39.95
B5216 Baltimore & Ohio "Lake Erie" $39.95
B5217 Baltimore & Ohio "Lake Lapourde" $39.95
B5218 Baltimore & Ohio "Lake Vista" $39.95
B5219 Atlantic Coast Line "Lake Elmo" $39.95
B5220 Atlantic Coast Line "Lake Winnebago" $39.95
B5221 Atlantic Coast Line "Lake Pelican" $39.95
B5222 Lehigh Valley "Lake Tracy" $39.95
B5223 Lehigh Valley "Lake Long" $39.95
B5224 Lehigh Valley "Lake Vale" $39.95
B5225 Chicago & North Western "Lake Forest" $39.95
B5226 Chicago & North Western "Lake Gardner" $39.95
B5227 Chicago & North Western "Lake Bluff" $39.95
B5228 Pullman (Two-Tone Grey) "Lake Ontario" $39.95
B5229 Pullman (Two-Tone Grey) "Lake Calumet" $39.95
B5230 Pullman (Two-Tone Grey) "Lake Maurepas" $39.95
B5231 Lackawanna "Devils Lake" $39.95
B5232 Lackawanna "Bowman Lake" $39.95
B5233 Lackawanna "Medicine Lake" $39.95
B5234 Illinois Central (Service) "Lake Peigneu" $39.95
B5235 Illinois Central (Service) "Lake Ferguson" $39.95
B5237 Soo "Lake View" $39.95
B5240 Southern Pacific "Lake Hancock" $39.95
B5241 Southern Pacific "Lake Ariana" $39.95
B5242 Southern Pacific "Lake Sheridan" $39.95
B5243 Florida East Coast (Service) "Lake Goodwin" $39.95
B5244 Florida East Coast (Service) "Lake Michigan" $39.95
B5245 Seaboard "Lake Chicot" $39.95
B5246 Rio Grande "Harrison Lake" $39.95
B5248 Atlanta & West Point "Lake Belanona" $39.95
HO 12-1 Pullman Sleeper Kit

If there was a “Mother of all Pullmans”, this would be it…. The 12 section - 1 drawing room design of plan 3410/3410a was the single most popular Pullman floor plan with over 920 cars built. Putting this in perspective, that’s more than the total number of 3000 series plan 8-1-2, 10-1-2, 14 section and 10-1-1 sleepers built – combined!

B5300 Undecorated $39.95
B5301 Pullman (Green) "St. Caravan" $39.95
B5302 Pullman (Green) "Orange County" $39.95
B5303 Pullman (Green) "McBridesville" $39.95
B5305 Pennsylvania "Francis Hopkinson" $39.95
B5307 Southern Pacific "Goliad" $39.95
B5308 Southern Pacific "Calafia" $39.95
B5309 Southern Pacific "McVean" $39.95
B5310 Chicago & North Western "Red Bridge" $39.95
B5311 Chicago & North Western "Arapahoe" $39.95
B5312 Chicago & North Western "Evanston" $39.95
B5313 Southern "Casselton" $39.95
B5314 Southern "McQuaid" $39.95
B5315 Southern "Litchfield" $39.95
B5316 New York Central "East Syracuse" $39.95
B5317 New York Central "McMada" $39.95
B5318 New York Central "East Toledo" $39.95
B5319 Union Pacific "Newburyport" $39.95
B5320 Union Pacific "Multnomah" $39.95
B5321 Union Pacific "Nolando" $39.95
B5322 Louisville & Nashville "John James Audubon" $39.95
B5323 Louisville & Nashville "Leetsdale" $39.95
B5324 Louisville & Nashville "Cassius M. Clay" $39.95
B5325 Canadian National "Red House" $39.95
B5326 Canadian National "Red Hook" $39.95
B5327 Canadian National "Red Line" $39.95
B5328 Baltimore & Ohio "East Chicago" $39.95
B5329 Baltimore & Ohio "Thendara" $39.95
B5330 Baltimore & Ohio "Midlothian" $39.95
B5331 Wabash "Knollwood" $39.95
B5332 Wabash "Dorchester" $39.95
B5333 Wabash "Tuscaloosa" $39.95
B5334 Norfolk & Western "Sunstar Rose" $39.95
B5335 Norfolk & Western "Vulcan" $39.95
B5339 Boston & Maine "McDade" $39.95
B5340 Gulf Mobile & Ohio "Trinity" $39.95
B5341 Gulf Mobile & Ohio "Orange State" $39.95
B5342 Fort Worth & Denver (CB&Q) "Anaconda" $39.95
B5343 Fort Worth & Denver (CB&Q) "Wadena" $39.95
B5344 Fort Worth & Denver (CB&Q) "Maximilian" $39.95
B5345 Nickel Plate Road "East Charleroi" $39.95
B5347 Missouri Pacific (Eagle) "McGlashens" $39.95
B5348 Missouri Pacific (Eagle) "Wentachee" $39.95
B5349 Great Northern "Anacortes" $39.95
B5350 Great Northern "Bison" $39.95
B5351 Great Northern "Cashmere" $39.95
B5352 Chesapeake & Ohio "Chancellor Livingston" $39.95
B5353 Chesapeake & Ohio "Frederick Muhlenberg" $39.95
B5360 Pullman (TTG) "Red Canon" $39.95
B5361 Pullman (TTG) "Red Lion" $39.95
B5362 Pullman (TTG) "Red Lodge" $39.95
B5399 Unlettered (Green) $39.95
HO 14 Section Pullman Sleeper Kit

The 14 section Pullman offered some of Pullman’s least expensive accommodations. Carrying just sections consisting of upper and lower berths, these cars were popular were several railroads with 208 cars being built to plans 3958 and 3958a.

B5401 Pullman (Green) "Robert Fulton" $39.95
B5402 Pullman (Green) "Overcot" $39.95
B5403 Pullman (Green) "Samuel P. Langley" $39.95
B5404 New York Central "Park Point" $39.95
B5405 New York Central "Star Light" $39.95
B5406 New York Central "Star Flower" $39.95
B5413 Gulf Mobile & Ohio "New Marshfield" $39.95
B5414 Gulf Mobile & Ohio "Port Lewis" $39.95
B5416 Gulf Mobile & Ohio "Michael Faraday" $39.95
B5419 Burlington "American Legion" $39.95
B5420 Burlington "New Omaha" $39.95
B5421 Burlington "New Capitol" $39.95
B5422 Illinois Central "Luthur Burbank" $39.95
B5423 Illinois Central "New Grove" $39.95
B5424 Chicago & North Western "Humbird" $39.95
B5425 Chicago & North Western "Shorewood" $39.95
B5426 Wabash "New Columbia" $39.95
B5427 Wabash "New Prospect" $39.95
B5431 Pennsylvania "New Nicolette" $39.95
B5432 Pennsylvania "New Palmer" $39.95
B5433 Pennsylvania "Samuel Morse" $39.95
B5434 New Haven "New Franklin" $39.95
B5435 Nickel Plate Road "Park Summit" $39.95
B5436 Nickel Plate Road "Park Terrace" $39.95
B5437 Boston & Maine "New Hamburg" $39.95
 HO 6-3 Pullman Sleeper Kit

The 6 compartment - 3 drawing room cars of plan 3523 and 3523a were an unusual all-room design that found favor on many long distance trains, particularly between New York and Florida. The 6-3’s had an unusual window arrangement with 12 small, single windows along one side and numerous tightly packed paired windows on the other. Many of these cars were named after famous composers and authors.

B5600 Undecorated $39.95
B5602 Pullman (Green) "Brahms" $39.95
B5603 Pullman (Green) "Shakespeare" $39.95
B5604 Pullman (Green) "Glen Airlie" $39.95
B5605 Pullman (Green) "Glen Willow" $39.95
B5606 Pullman (Green) "Glen Manor" $39.95
B5607 Pullman (Two-Tone Grey) "Glen Dee" $39.95
B5608 Pullman (Two-Tone Grey) "Glen Springs" $39.95
B5609 Pullman (Two-Tone Grey) "Glen Sannox" $39.95
B5614 New York Central "Glen Adelaide" $39.95
B5615 New York Central "Glen Echo" $39.95
B5616 New York Central "Glen Road" $39.95
B5617 Seaboard "Glen Crag" $39.95
B5618 Seaboard "Glen Dale" $39.95
B5619 Seaboard "Glen Eagles" $39.95
B5620 Southern "Bizet" $39.95
B5621 Southern "Corot" $39.95
B5622 Southern "Glen Summit" $39.95
B5624 Southern Pacific "Glen Elleyn" $39.95
B5625 Southern Pacific "Glen Aladale" $39.95
B5626 New Haven "Hogarth" $39.95
B5699 Unlettered (Green) $39.95
 HO 80' Paired Window Coach Kit

The coach was the backbone of the American passenger car fleet. These cars were used on long and short haul trains, through trains and commuter runs alike.

The prototype for our paired window coach model was built for the Chesapeake & Ohio
RR. Cars of essentially the same design were built for many other railroads coast to coast, and they served many years in a wide variety of services.

B5702 Baltimore & Ohio (Blue) $39.95
B57163 Milwaukee - 3-Pack $119.85

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