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Austro Daimler:

Austro Daimler was originally a subsidiary of Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft (DMG), one of the world’s first automobile manufacturing companies. The establishment of a new manufacturing facility made Daimler the first multinational automaker in history. Taking advantage of a growing rift with its parent company, the Austrian subsidiary reorganized and split from DMG. The firm was renamed Austro-Daimler on July 27, 1906. Four years later, the name changed again, becoming the Austrian Daimler Engines AG and adopting the Austrian imperial double-headed eagle as its logo. Today, Austro-Daimler automobiles are rare and often command premium prices.

1936 Chrysler® Airflow Imperial Eight:

The Chrysler Airflow is a classic of American automotive design. Years ahead of its time, it was the first production automobile to use streamlining in its design. The Airflow also was the first to use a full steel perimeter frame and other engineering advances that improved handling and passenger comfort and safety.

The Airflow from Masterpiece Automotive Replicas is based on a 1936 C-10 Imperial Eight sedan that is now part of the Walter P. Chrysler Museum collection. The Imperial Eight was the most popular model in the 1936 Airflow line. Licensed by DaimlerChrysler and developed with the assistance of the Airflow Club of America, the Masterpiece model is a highly detailed replica of the prototype and is finished in your choice of three accurate 1936 Chrysler paint colors: Skytint Blue, Harvard Maroon or Gunmetal Gray.

Chrysler® and Airflow are trademarks of DaimlerChrysler Company, LLC and are used under license. © DaimlerChrysler Company, LLC.

2007 Jeep® Wrangler® Unlimited:

The new 4-door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited has been so popular one wonders why they didn’t make them years ago. Wrangler sales have almost doubled since the new Unlimited hit the market.

While it may have two extra doors, the new Trail-Rated Wrangler Unlimited carries on the proud Jeep tradition that goes back more than sixty-five years. Still ready to tackle the roughest terrain, the Wrangler is more versatile than ever.

The Masterpiece replica was developed from factory CAD data and an extensive study of the actual vehicle. It is licensed by DaimlerChrysler and will be offered in white, red or Jeep® Green.

Jeep® and the Jeep® grille are registered trademarks of DaimlerChrysler Company, LLC. Jeep® Wrangler® Unlimited and its trade dress are used under license from DaimlerChrysler Company, LLC. © DaimlerChrysler Company, LLC 2007.

American Walk-In Van:

Masterpiece is proud to present the first true HO scale ready-to-run model of the modern American Walk-In Van. These trucks are seen everywhere, delivering packages, linens, baked goods and dozens of other products. Police departments use them for special operations, fire departments use them in a variety of support roles and railroads use them in maintenance-of-way service. Suitable for eras from the late 1960s to today, there’s almost no end to the uses you’ll find for the Masterpiece model.

Distributed Exclusively by Atlas Model Railroad Co.

Estimated Delivery:
August 2007


  • Prototypically accurate 1:87 Scale replicas
  • Collector's quality detail
  • Prototypical paint colors where applicable
  • Display case (Except for walk-in van)

(some techincal artwork and prototype photos shown)

Item# Description MSRP
Masterpiece Automotive Replicas - Austro Daimler
99 087 010 1914 Austro Daimler 18/32 Top up $16.95
99 087 015 1914 Austro Daimler 18/32 Top down $16.95
99 087 020 1908 Austro Daimler 28/35 Maja Engine $16.95
Masterpiece Automotive Replicas - American Walk-In Van
99 087 060   American Walk-In Van- White Undecorated $14.95
99 087 061 American Walk-In Van - Miracle Bakery $16.95
99 087 062 American Walk-In Van - Specter Linens $16.95
Masterpiece Automotive Replicas - Jeep® Wrangler® Unlimited
99 087 080 2007 Jeep® Wrangler® Unlimited 4-door - White $15.95
99 087 081 2007 Jeep® Wrangler® Unlimited 4-door - Red $15.95
99 087 082 2007 Jeep® Wrangler® Unlimited 4-door - Jeep® Green $15.95
Masterpiece Automotive Replicas - Chrysler® Airflow Imperial Eight
99 087 120 1936 Chrysler® Airflow Imperial Eight - Skytint Blue $15.95
99 087 121 1936 Chrysler® Airflow Imperial Eight - Harvard Maroon $15.95
99 087 122 1936 Chrysler® Airflow Imperial Eight - Gunmetal Gray $15.95

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