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The Ford® Explorer is a mid-size sport utility vehicle sold in North America since 1990, essentially making the SUV, a special-interest vehicle at the time, one of the most popular vehicle types in the market today.

First generation Ford® Explorers (1991-1994) were equipped with a 4.0 L 155 hp V6 engine and 4-speed A4LD automatic transmission or 5-speed M5OD manual transmission. 15 hp was added for the 1993 edition for a total of 170 hp. Much like its predecessor, the Bronco II, the Ford® Explorer was derivative of the Ford® Ranger Pickup, but larger. It came in both 2-door and 4-door bodystyles and was available with rear or four-wheel drive. Explorers came in 4 trim levels: base XL, XLT, Sport (only available on the two-door version), and the upscale Eddie Bauer Edition. The Limited edition, added for 1993, was available only in the 4-door style and was even more upscale than the Eddie Bauer version.

Coming in a range of prototypical colors, these vehicles will look right at home parked in front of our garage kits, out on the streets of your layout, or, for layouts based in late 1992 and on.

N MSRP (2 Per Pack): $22.95
Estimated Delivery:
August 2009


  • Side view mirrors
  • Head and tail light glazing
  • Interior detail
  • Simulated rubber tires
  • Under carriage detail

Item# Description
HO 1993 Ford® Explorers
30 000 029 Undecorated
30 000 030 Currant Red Metallic
30 000 031 Dark Tourmaline Metallic
30 000 032 Lapis Metallic
30 000 033 Medium Light Mocha
30 000 034 Medium Platinum Metallic
30 000 035 Oxford White
N 1993 Ford® Explorers (2 per pack)
60 000 029 Undecorated
60 000 030 Currant Red Metallic
60 000 031 Dark Tourmaline Metallic
60 000 032 Lapis Metallic
60 000 033 Medium Light Mocha
60 000 034 Medium Platinum Metallic
60 000 035 Oxford White

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